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Happy Birthday, Nakano Nino!

Happy birthday, Nakano Nino! ❤My best girl from Gotoubun no Hanayome! 💕 This is an awesome art that I commissioned from BeatLo, my buddy from Argentina! Thanks, man! 🤩🇦🇷 I know, I know, it...


Lore Part 4: The Dominant Gyaru

Artist: NoyuFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | DeviantArt Kuon Natsuki is a gyaru who is very up to date with the latest trends. She often hangs out in Akihabara during the day. Her friends...


Buddy #3 Reveal: KUON NATSUKI

Hello, I’m back! And I’m very sorry that I made this reveal later than scheduled because I was out at town today. I finally got my hands on something, but that is something that...


Lore Part 3: The Chic Otaku

Artist: Hani HaniFacebook Shirayuki Chie is similar to Kasumi in three ways: their heights, cup size, and having mothers not originally from Japan. Her mother is a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity, hailing from Kuching,...


Buddy #2 Reveal: SHIRAYUKI CHIE

Hello, it’s me again! I’m very happy to announced that this website,, has been in operation for 100 days! Even though I might be lacking in doing my own art for now, but...

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