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Kasumi’s 3 Buddies?

Oh, did I mention that Kasumi also has 3 buddies with her? Right, there will be 3 more OC unveilings on this upcoming month! And this time, I have asked 3 more artists to...


Chibi Kasumi-chan!

Art by ALYCESON TV! (link to her IG page!) Unveiling the chibi version of my OC, Kasumi! ☺💕 I want to give my special thanks to Alyceson for turning both modes of Kasumi into...


Happy Valentine’s Day 2021!

“H…. H- here’s a chocolate for you. Hope you love it… ♥” HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Art by Tuzai 兔仔 (link to her FB page!) ~[ Twitter | Instagram ]


Lore Part 1: General Info

Artist: ShiroKumaFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Pixiv Shioguchi Kasumi is the only child of her parents. (Called as “Kasumin” by her buddies) She is Japanese-French (Her mother is French). Her father...

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