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Buddy #3 Reveal: KUON NATSUKI

Hello, I’m back! And I’m very sorry that I made this reveal later than scheduled because I was out at town today. I finally got my hands on something, but that is something that...


Buddy #2 Reveal: SHIRAYUKI CHIE

Hello, it’s me again! I’m very happy to announced that this website,, has been in operation for 100 days! Even though I might be lacking in doing my own art for now, but...


Happy Birthday, Umi-chan!

UMI DAAAAAAAA 💙 💙 💙 🌊🌊🌊 Happy birthday to my waifu, UMI SONODA! ❤ 🎂 Her birthday is very easy to remember because it comes right after White Day! đŸĢ Special thanks to Hani...


Buddy #1 Reveal: AKIHA MIEKO

Hello, I’m back for a while! BTW, Happy International Women’s Day! As promised, today, I’m going to introduce the first of Kasumi’s 3 buddies.Her name is Akiha Mieko! ( į§‹č‘‰ įžŽæĩ子 ) As I...


Kasumi’s 3 Buddies?

Oh, did I mention that Kasumi also has 3 buddies with her? Right, there will be 3 more OC unveilings on this upcoming month! And this time, I have asked 3 more artists to...

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