Category: Kasumi’s Lore


Lore Part 4: The Dominant Gyaru

Artist: NoyuFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | DeviantArt Kuon Natsuki is a gyaru who is very up to date with the latest trends. She often hangs out in Akihabara during the day. Her friends...


Lore Part 3: The Chic Otaku

Artist: Hani HaniFacebook Shirayuki Chie is similar to Kasumi in three ways: their heights, cup size, and having mothers not originally from Japan. Her mother is a Malaysian of Chinese ethnicity, hailing from Kuching,...


Lore Part 2: The Cheerful Maid

Artist: ShamshirHassan1985Facebook Kasumi often hangs out in Akihabara, window shopping on apparels and anime merchandise. She befriends lots of ACG enthusiasts roaming around in the area. She doesn’t make so many friends, until she...


Lore Part 1: Salty and Sweet

Artist: HaruuuKumaFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | Twitch | Pixiv | Commission Details Shioguchi Kasumi is the only child of her parents. (Called as “Kasumin” by her buddies) She is Japanese-French (Her mother is...

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