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Twenty-Eight . Eleven

28 November 2021. 10.30 a.m. Kasumi is lying on bed, with her eyes half open. It’s currently weekend, so she is taking a break from her writing work. Accompanying her is the music from...


Happy Birthday, Chie! (2021)

Happy birthday to Shirayuki Chie, our cute and adorable chic otaku girl! ❤️ Plus, her birthday, 1 October, is also Megane Day! 👓 Today is her day-off from managing her family’s manga store, so...


Happy Birthday, Natsuki! (2021)

Today, 3rd September, is the birthday of our Doraemon-lover gyaru, Kuon Natsuki!She shares her birthday with the popular cat-robot Doraemon. 💖 All together now…. Happy birthday, Natsuki! 🎂 Special thanks to Natsuki’s designer, Noyu’s...


Happy Birthday, Mieko! (2021)

Today, 10th May, is the birthday of our cheerful maid, Akiha Mieko!Today is also the celebration of Maid Day in Japan! All together now…. MIE MIE KYUUUUUUUNNNNN Happy birthday! Special thanks to Mieko’s designer,...

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