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Happy Birthday, Mieko! (2021)

Today, 10th May, is the birthday of our cheerful maid, Akiha Mieko!Today is also the celebration of Maid Day in Japan! All together now…. MIE MIE KYUUUUUUUNNNNN Happy birthday! Special thanks to Mieko’s designer,...


Lore Part 2: The Cheerful Maid

Artist: ShamshirHassan1985Facebook Kasumi often hangs out in Akihabara, window shopping on apparels and anime merchandise. She befriends lots of ACG enthusiasts roaming around in the area. She doesn’t make so many friends, until she...


Buddy #1 Reveal: AKIHA MIEKO

Hello, I’m back for a while! BTW, Happy International Women’s Day! As promised, today, I’m going to introduce the first of Kasumi’s 3 buddies.Her name is Akiha Mieko! ( 秋葉 美恵子 ) As I...

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