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Happy Birthday, Natsuki! (2021)

Today, 3rd September, is the birthday of our Doraemon-lover gyaru, Kuon Natsuki!She shares her birthday with the popular cat-robot Doraemon. 💖 All together now…. Happy birthday, Natsuki! 🎂 Special thanks to Natsuki’s designer, Noyu’s...


Lore Part 4: The Dominant Gyaru

Artist: NoyuFacebook | Twitter | Instagram | DeviantArt Kuon Natsuki is a gyaru who is very up to date with the latest trends. She often hangs out in Akihabara during the day. Her friends...


Buddy #3 Reveal: KUON NATSUKI

Hello, I’m back! And I’m very sorry that I made this reveal later than scheduled because I was out at town today. I finally got my hands on something, but that is something that...

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